About Dinokapi.tv

I’d love to tell you there was some profound reasoning behind the name Dinokapi, but there is not! I needed a name that reflected my love of okapis and my daughter was going through a dinosaur phase so I combined them in a drawing, got a little bit obsessed and it stuck as a name!

The idea behind this project is that you’ll get to follow along with my creative projects under three categories:

I have lots of potential campaigns and projects in mind, but you’ll also get to vote on which ones come first over on Twitter. Why not give me a follow and let me know if you have any ideas or simply wish to show a bit of support 😀

I want to continue to give you a chance to influence the future of the project as a whole. Whether I continue as a cartoonist or morph into some kind of animator, leader of an NFT collective, t-shirt seller or whatever!